you build a new love nest: Helene Fischer (34) is planning their future in a dream house in the Bavarian Ammersee. After you bought the 3000-square-meter plot of land with an Ex-friend of Florian silver iron (37), is now Helene’s New Thomas lateral (34) on the construction site in the innings (D) on and off.

According to a report in the magazine “Closer” to games, lateral of on-site as a Builder, entertain with craftsmen and inspect land and boat house very carefully. Probably not without a reason: Recently it came to problems with the ground water, it is squeezed to the top and in the pit water level suddenly. The Result: Delays.

lateral’ll stop by from time to time, say neighbors of the property to “Colorful”. Even then, if Helene’s family was not staying on the property, whether lateral regularly, it means more. He has also been working with Helene’s parents, or paddle with the Kids on the lake. “You realize, he’s one of them now”, it says in the report.

bakery receives annoying calls from Fans

However, even if no one from the fishing-Clan is the singer in the 4700-souls-the-spot a theme – not just gratifying, however. The residents in the Seegemeinde look at their new neighbors, according to the “recreation of the week” is critical. That fishing your luxury estate, of all things, when you build, is not many inhabitants. “People call and want to know where Helene Fischer live”, complained an employee of the local bakery to the magazine. (wyt)