Several women are making serious allegations against the television station ProSieben: they claim to have been unwittingly attacked by employees of a production company with needles in a Berlin club – just as the “needle spiking” phenomenon describes it.

As the “Spiegel” reports, the incident is said to have happened in August in a Berlin club. Filming was announced there, but it was not clear what exactly the camera team was shooting there. “None of that bothered us, we assumed it was a post about nightlife in Berlin,” one of the women concerned is quoted as saying.

The 27-year-old then felt a sting on her upper right arm on the dance floor and saw a woman scurry past. The spades felt like a sharp needle. This phenomenon is known as “needle spiking”. There were reports from all over Europe this summer, mostly from women. They reported being pricked with a needle. Many then felt uncomfortable, complaining of symptoms similar to poisoning with knockout drops.

When a friend of the 27-year-old felt such a sting a little later, the group wanted to leave the club. They were then approached by the camera team, and there was even a dispute.

ProSieben told the “Spiegel” that a report about “Needle Spiking” had actually been filmed in the club for the show “Zervakis

However, those affected disagree. They first heard about an alleged highlighter from the ProSieben spokesman’s response. “I found the whole situation very abusive,” the 27-year-old told the magazine.