Necessity is the mother of invention: Network is gaining popularity of life hacks to combat the virus

Buckwheat, rice, sugar, canned meat. So look most popular items in March — according to the Russian buyers. The demand estimated research company. The winners were chosen by comparing the sales this past year. Well, in terms of products — all to be expected. A classic set that is bought, just in case.

But with other products happen much more interesting processes. For example, suddenly sharply increased sales of condoms. For a week — just one-third. Data leads to RBC, citing the information from analysts of DSM Group. As a guide took March 2019-th year. Calculated purchased the package and was surprised.

Only last week stores and pharmacies sold 600 thousand packs of contraceptives. Some places could even see empty shelves. What explains the hype from the point of view of statistics is unclear.

In the network there were even versions that it’s not a long quarantine, and in a sort of life hack. They say that condoms can be used not only for its intended purpose, and in order to protect your hands in public places. However, the effectiveness of such a Council — there are doubts.

In the case of the purchase of condoms people are motivated by anything, but certainly not a rational beginning. That latex products in the fingers does not reduce the risk of Contracting COVID-19, even to explain I’m not! Because of the stress and fear people begin to make irrational actions. At the same time, others ridiculed such behavior, bringing the situation to the point of absurdity. Wear those condoms on your fingers, and once on the head instead of a mask.

Russia — not the first country where a spike in the sales of condoms. A similar increase noted in Australia, Japan, Singapore, China and other countries.

and the lack of people showing ingenuity and come up with ways to protect themselves from infection with the help of improvised means. So-called life hacking is against the coronavirus. For example, walk on the network here is so badabout the improvement to the normal medical mask. It is inserted into a sanitary napkin, impregnated with eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

If the mask buy does not succeed, it craftsmen offer to make her own hands. The most simple and old method, which were all taught in high school — cotton-gauze bandage. As alternative materials offer to use disposable kitchen towels and napkins. More advanced option — make a mask out of fabric. There are innovative approaches. For example, such. Take clean briefs, boxers. Wear so. This arafatka is obtained. She covers hair, and such cotton-gauze bandage is obtained.

the Second group Lithgow is the creation of disinfectants in the home. Ingredients — rubbing alcohol or vodka as an alternative, the gel “aloe Vera” or glycerin, and essential oil of choice for nice scent. Another popular life hack came to us from China. In order not to touch the Elevator buttons, the lighter wound paper clip. After each press the end of the paper clip is fired, the virus dies in the fire. Psychologists explain that all these “findings” available on the Internet, an unconscious collective reaction to the increased level of anxiety in society.

“the human Psyche is arranged in such a way that when we are doing any good, socially useful things, we begin to be less afraid, to be anxious, to worry. That is, when a person of any lifehack writes, any joke that can support other people, he actually in the world runs a little more good and supports itself,” — says Michael horse, a clinical psychologist. He added: “the Majority of Lithgow walking through the network, is ineffective or, in General, useless. Therefore, I urge viewers to protect against coronavirus to focus primarily on formal advice from the CPS, Minskava and the world health organization”.