Nebesa the Project of Kosovo is unsustainable

the diplomat pointed to the fact that the Kosovo Albanian leadership has shown a lack of interest in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, despite the willingness of Serbia to resume negotiations, but after the abolition of Pristina discriminatory trade duties. “Many in the West rushed to greet, in fact, to this day, the Albin Kurti’s statement on the lifting of duties from April 1, he said. – However, in reality, they were only temporarily suspended, and to Belgrade has been put forward more unacceptable demands.”

Nebenzia also drew attention to the fact that the US and the EU resumed its attempts to create conditions for the resumption of dialogue. “We believe that such attempts are doomed to failure if they ignore the provisions of resolution 1244 of the Security Council and if the entered Pristina’s unilateral measures will not be lifted – said the Russian representative. – The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina with the mediation of the EU remains stalled, primarily because the EU is not convinced the implementation kosovoalbanian obligations that they have undertaken 7 years ago, primarily about the formation of a Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo. We hope that the new EU special Representative Miroslav Lajcak will be able to find a solution to this issue.”

in summary, the diplomat said that Russia will support the achievement of the Belgrade-Pristina sustainable and mutually acceptable solution, based primarily on security Council resolution 1244, a decision that would be consistent with international law and be approved by the UN Security Council.

“No crossing “final normalization” between Belgrade and Pristina, nor the imposition of artificial deadlines will not lead to the achievement of this goal, – said Nebenzia. – The Security Council should continue to support UNMIK, which is the main international presence in Kosovo, playing a leading role in monitoring, maintaining stability and creating the conditions that will allow the parties to come to a final decision through negotiations.”

meanwhile, Russia’s envoy condemned the plans, which find support among some member States on the establishment of the so-called “Kosovo army”. “They are contrary to the provisions of resolution 1244 and could lead to destabilization of the situation in Kosovo and generally in the Balkans, he warned. – Let me ask a question to our American colleagues. Object “Bondsteel” was launched in the framework of peacekeeping operations on the implementation of resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council. Subsequently, however, he actually became an American military base in Kosovo, which is used for training of the Kosovo Albanian units to create “Armed forces of Kosovo,” which, as we have said, contradicts Poloregulations of resolution 1244″.

In his work “the Project “Kosovo”: the Mafia, NATO, and big politics” doctor of political Sciences, Professor of MGIMO Elena Ponomareva examined in detail the phenomenon of the Kosovo Liberation army (KLA).

According to the findings of the scientist, KLA “created and sustained between 1998 and 1999 the shadow and the intelligence agencies of the West, which by means of large-scale guerrilla warfare against military and police forces, and civilians fought for the secession of Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia. Hands, but rather guns and knives KLA solved in parallel two tasks. The first – the creation of ethnically pure Kosova as a geopolitical, geostrategic and criminal bridgehead “masters of the great game”. The second is the introduction by beginning the implementation of the idea of a greater Albania, “mines” time bomb under Europe in General.” And all this was part of a long-term policy in the Balkans, including “clan of the Clintons”.

in addition, Ponomarev, while describing the phenomenon of the Western project of the “Republic of Kosovo” comes to the following conclusion. “It is important to know that the “independent” Kosovo is not only a perfect base for criminal transit flows, it is not just a wonderful place to create training bases of terrorists, but also the storehouse of resources. According to the available resources Kosovo has no equal in the Balkans, and perhaps in all Europe”, – says the researcher, adding that “the Republic of Kosovo” is just one of the projects of the West in the criminalization, dehumanization and archaism of the world system. There are others: in North Africa, Latin America, and Asia. However, this does not mean that the Serbs, Russians and many other Nations have accepted and agree to these projects. Together we can become, as prophetically written by the Strugatsky brothers, the stones “in the mill of their progress” and “on this stone millstone stalled”.