Nebesa made the remark to the representative of Kosovo because of the background

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia made the remark to the Minister in the technical government of the unrecognized Kosovo to Glauco of Konjufca due to the flag of the unrecognized Republic in the background during his performances. About it reports TASS.

“We have listened carefully to what was said Mr. Konjufca. By the way, I look at the flag on the background of his image and can’t understand what this flag. Judging from the colors, it could be Sweden, or Ukraine, or Barbados. Or, since we are talking about the Balkans, maybe it’s Bosnia and Herzegovina?” – asked the sebenza.

Russian permanent representative addressed to the Secretariat of the UN security Council to instruct all who act under rule 39 of the procedures of the security Council, stating, “what symbols can be appropriate on the background, or not.”

Rule 39 provides for the holding of meetings. According to him, the security Council may invite members of the Secretariat or other persons whom he considers competent in this matter, to provide information or to give other assistance in examining matters within its competence.