Nearly three thousand of grants for three years, received the capital educators participating in the project “electronic Moscow school”. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

the Grants was awarded to teachers from 449 schools in the city. Anniversary, polutoratysyachnogo, the holder of the grant was Lyudmila Mikheyeva, Informatics teacher, school № 1399. She has developed and uploaded in the “mash” unit lessons on “Text editor. Work with graphic objects”. Materials used 3247 times. Ludmila Mikheeva has received remuneration in the amount of 300 thousand rubles.

Lessons from home: how to study and prepare for the exam remotely

Library “mesh” is a service of the project “electronic Moscow school”, developed by the information technology Department in conjunction with the Department of education and science. Today the library contains more than 45 thousand scenarios of lessons, more than 110 thousand educational interactive applications, more than 1440 electronic textbooks and about 900 thousand units of atomic content (photo and video), as well as 348 textbooks, 245 works of fiction, five virtual laboratories and tasks, relevant content, OGE and EGE.

In may last year, the library “mash” became available worldwide. Teachers regardless of place of residence can make use of the here presented materials and to share their experience. In addition, Moscow can claim grants any teacher.