About the Moscow metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda”, a new light-musical object “Light piano 1905”. It is possible to play, if you bring the hands to the keys, and the color of panel designs begin to glow. The second such facility in the world is in Minnesota in the United States. It is reported by the Department overhaul of Moscow.

According to the Department, the total length of construction, which consists of two parts, is 73 meters (the first part of 42 meters, the second is 31 meters). The illumination changing color, it is located along the front of the tape, and sound elements are mounted on each wing groups in 26 pieces. The distance between the left and right wing is seven meters, both of the art object is synchronized and activated at the same time. To ensure that the instrument sounded need to bring the hands to the keys. The illumination changing color, protected by a special screen made of monolithic polycarbonate, which makes the object safe for children and adults. Gamma of svitolina consists of four colors: red, orange, yellow and purple. Depending on the pitch of the note the color of the ribbon changed.

Recall that the area near the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda” prospered in 2018. Previously, the only decoration was a sculptural composition dedicated to the revolutionary barricades of the early 20th century. New art object will fill the space in front of the metro with the new sound.