Near Krasnodar archeologists have found an ancient vessel, which assessed more than five thousand years. Excavations conducted on the territory of the future far Western bypass of the capital of Kuban, reported on the official website of Avtodor in VK.

the Approximate age of the finds, scientists were able to determine through the bottom of the jug, which turned out to be egg-shaped, not flat. It speaks of the ancient artifact, which, apparently, refers to the period of the late stone age. Used such vessels in funerary and ritual culture of the peoples of that era.

Now archaeologists are excavating a large six-meter mound, which is part of Novotitarovskaya group of mounds in the area Dinskoy near settlements Misfire and Primakov told Avtodor.

the mound has already found burial, and a few items that have traditionally been used by ancient people in the tombs, including bronze beads and throwing tips. These items, in turn, belong to the early iron age Sarmatian culture.

According to scientists, the center of a large mound may be the burial status of the person, for example, of the leader.