Calculations of operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M” destroyed with cruise missiles important objects of the conditional opponent during the exercise, held in the Kaliningrad region.

the exercise involved more than a hundred military personnel rocket connection of the army corps of fleet weaponry which consists of “Iskander-M”, and 50 units of military and special equipment, reported in Department of information support the press service of the Western military district for the Baltic fleet.

Settlements marched to the designated area, moving on unpaved roads and rugged terrain. They had to overcome not only natural obstacles, but and conventionally contaminated territory to maneuver in tight spaces.

upon arrival, crews deployed complexes with a March on an unprepared position. In field conditions they had to work out a health check of the missiles and to overload them on the launcher using transport-charging machines.

after Receiving the coordinates, the missile performed a training (e) launches of cruise missiles and destroyed command posts and nodes of a satellite communication of the enemy. By the way, “Iskander-M” is able to accurately hit targets at distances up to 500 kilometers.

the Soldiers also trained in multiple change starting positions, repelled an attack by conventional sabotage and reconnaissance groups and camouflaged launchers from modern reconnaissance of a potential enemy.