A technical breakdown occurs on a train near Günzburg. Around 150 passengers then have to wait in the carriages in the sweltering heat. The doors could no longer be opened, the air conditioning failed, and the rescue service had to arrive.

Those affected will probably not forget this train journey for a long time. A train operated by the Regensburg-based company “Agilis” came to a standstill near Günzburg on Sunday in sweltering heat due to a technical breakdown.

Since the doors could no longer be opened, the 150 passengers had to stay in the wagons at temperatures above 30 degrees. The air conditioning also failed due to the technical defect. The doors to the toilets were also locked. This is reported by the “image”.

After two hours, several passengers complained of circulatory problems, which is why the fire brigade and rescue service were alerted to take care of the occupants. The emergency services described the heat as “unbearable”.

Only after three and a half hours did the journey continue for the passengers. A coupled replacement railcar transported the passengers to the next station in Gundelfingen/Donau, where the journey continued in a replacement train.