Near Chita a bomb from a helicopter crashed into the wall of a house

In Chita, the Ministry of defense helicopter Mi-35M helicopters accidentally fired on a residential house, the result of which was damaged balcony, glazing and floor. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Eastern military district.

“At the airport “Cheremushki” in the service of the 23-mm aircraft cannon of the Mi-8 the earth was a single accidental discharge beyond the safe zone of the airport”, – stated in the message.

According to the Telegram-channel Baza, the incident occurred March 14 when the exhaustion of the ammunition of the helicopter. A routine procedure fails, one of the shells fired and hit the wall of a house. Residents reported in the MOE of high-profile cotton. Emergency personnel found damage on the third floor. The explosion had damaged glazing, floor and balcony.

On this fact an inspection is carried out. Injured in the incident. In addition, the command part is discussing with local authorities the issue of damages.

“as Much as the window shook. A little hurt there is a balcony” – the “” with reference to eyewitnesses. Other chitintsy believe that the military airfield is no longer a place in the center of the city.

“While the airport is in the city, there are incidents. Some time ago, Irkutsk was an emergency, then it was Moscow policy to remove all the airfields outside settlements. The administration of the province and the city of Chita was the coolest: kazilovka ignored,” wrote one commenter in social networks, in which data is referenced by Regnum.

In November of last year, unmanned aircraft complex “Orion” crashed 70 metres from the apartment house in Listvyanka village in Ryazan region. According to the investigator for particularly important cases the Moscow interregional SU IC on transport Sergey Bubareva it was the experimental sample, carrying out a test flight.

In the group “Overheard in Ryazan,” the social network “Vkontakte” says that this is not the first case of the fall of the drone “in the garden” before the crash happened in the neighboring village of Salkovo. It was reported that during flight from the drone fell off the fuselage, and only after that the device began to fall. Presumably the UAV lost control, began to lose altitude and crashed into the top of the tree. Fragments of the fuselage fell in a few meters from the Playground.