Earlier reconstructions show the Neanderthals, with a flat back and a curved posture. The extinct Relatives of our ancestors were these meant to be but probably much more similar in their anatomy as often. The reports of Researchers led by Martin Häusler of the University of Zurich, and Erik Trinkaus of Washington University in St. Louis in the journal “PNAS”.

skeleton shows similar postures

The scientists reconstructed virtually in the pelvis and the spine of a very well-preserved Neanderthal skeleton was found in La Chapelle-aux-Saints in France. The sacrum of an old Neanderthal man had, therefore, the same alignment found in modern humans, such as the University of Zurich announced on Monday. Also Wear and tear marks on the lumbar and cervical vertebrae and in the hip joint posture, as the modern people, on a curved spine and a comparable body close.

This finding will also be complemented by other Neanderthal skeletons with sufficiently preserved vertebral and pelvic remains, and is confirmed, let to cottagers in the message quote. “There are a total of hardly anything that points to a fundamentally different anatomy.”

numerous studies over the past decades, as similar to Neanderthals, the modern human, both evolutionarily as well as on the behavioural level. For some years differences however, attention has shifted more and more into focus, as Häusler. Some recent studies derived, for example, of the shape of individual vertebrae, that Neanderthal man possessed as yet no well-developed, double S spine like modern humans. With your virtual reconstruction of the skeleton from La Chapelle-aux-Saints, the researchers provided the evidence to the contrary.