The Research of the “Sunday view” shocked: A Swiss neo-Nazi group is planning violence against foreigners. Share violent fantasies, including “everything to Me rotten to us.”

Now, the annual report of the Swiss intelligence service (NDB) shows that The Basel neo-Nazis are just the tip of the iceberg. “The extreme-right scene is on the move.”

extreme Right-wing violence tripled

Striking: In the past year, “extreme right-wing events have Verd” tripled!

Meanwhile, several right-wing groups had their own websites. “One of these groups has opened in the Canton of Vaud even have their own club locally,” the NBD. Here events were to be held regularly, to which the General public have access.

Nevertheless, The scene is behaving conspiratorially. This is also reason. So a promoter had to cancel in the Canton of Valais, the concert of a right-wing force Band due to public reactions.

NDB fears right-wing violence, if Migration increases,

The NBD had in the investigated year are not aware of a extreme right-wing concert in Switzerland. “The extreme right to visit anywhere in Europe, events such as concerts,” says the NDB.

Striking: For the extreme-right scene, applicable to the total, “that their relatives had larger quantities of functional weapons. In addition, the handling is practiced weapons, and martial arts to be trained as a species.”

Nevertheless, the latest issues have the extreme Right currently, not, “let alone a strategy,” the NDB. The potential for Violence, but still present, and could realize in the Moment, “in which the scene provides a starting point in nature and in society”.

Specifically: A significant increase in the migration movements in Switzerland, or a jihadist-motivated attack in Germany “could be such a trigger,” says the news service.

Amherd want to surveillance measures, prepares check

A development, the Federal councillor Viola Amherd (56) Provide: they condemn any type of extremism, “regardless of whether it comes from the right or the left, whether religious or otherwise motivated”, so the CVP-Magistratin. You emphasized with reference to the increase in the Numbers of extreme right-wing violence, but: “I find the development alarming.”

to 2020, intends to submit Amherd, a Revision of the intelligence service act. “We will consider whether action is needed and whether the surveillance measures have to be extended to the violent extremism.”

secret service chief Jean-Philippe Gaudin (56), since July of 2018, in the office, clearly says: “The right-wing has become in recent years more and more into focus.” But also of the violent left-wing extremism have increased.

Gaudin: “Christchurch can also be us

” happen “when I started at the NDB, was not the violence of extremism is definitely my priority,” admits Jean-Philippe Gaudin Due to various attacks, such as, for example, in Christchurch, new Zealand – have changed this.

“It would be a disaster if we go to someone with a gun in a mosque and people would shoot. A case in Christchurch can also happen with us,” says Gaudin in conversation with a VIEW. “Therefore, we must take the issue very seriously and be prepared to prevent such a disaster.”

monitoring of measures to expand

Gaudin stressed that the NDB of law should edit because only the violent extremism, but not mere ideologies. In addition, in the case of violent extremism be limited to the monitoring of measures – such as no phone calls should be private rooms, monitored, listened to.

“I am of the opinion that we need to correct,” said Gaudin, with a view to the revision of the law. “But that is a political decision.” What Amherd added: “We have to weigh carefully, it is a narrow ridge.” It should not go in the direction of attitude monitoring.

the extreme left of the scene, and armed

the extreme left of the scene deals with the news service since years, the numbers of networked moderately strong. “This scene is part of an international network, which is one of the reason for the since 2017 lockable in part, the intensification of violence,” the NBD.

The extreme Left would combine their actions to campaigns. The main topics are: The prevention of the expansion of the prison Bässlergut in Basel and the solidarity with the PKK in favor of Kurdish self-government Syria territories in the North.

The NBD warns: “The return of the weapons formed the extreme Left wing from these areas has the European safety authorities.”