This Video was probably not intended for the General Public, however, it lands at just under 500’000 Instagram Followers of the canadian basketball stars Jamal Murray. It is about a twenty-second sex tape that shows him and his girlfriend.

according to Reports, the intimate Video to be published on Saturday evening in the Instagram Story of the NBA professionals.

Later, Murray responded on Twitter: “first and foremost, I would like to apologize to my Fans. My Account was hacked, I am currently working on the Problem. Thank you.” This would also explain why after the sex tape a series of random, confusing was followed by photos in his Instagram Story.

Hack or Stunt?

his girlfriend later on reports with a request to her Fans via Twitter: “If you have the Video, please erase it.”

most of The Fans show up then in solidarity. So the Tweet by the girlfriend of the basketball stars was about a thousand times retweeted. Other Followers to doubt, however, whether the channel has been really hacked.

Jamal Murray is currently with the Denver Nuggets in the NBA under contract. The North American basketball League currently has to rest due to the Coronavirus. (yas)