Enes Kanter (27) the already slowly become accustomed to. Wherever he goes, is being harassed the NBA Star, yelled at, chased. As a “traitor,” he was insulted recently by two men, according to strong, the abpassten him, as he left after the Friday prayer in a mosque in Boston.

“This was not an isolated case,” says Kanter in the “Boston Globe”. “I threats, get for years of death.” This led to a series of harassment to come. In the summer, he organised around 50 Basketball Camps for children scattered throughout the United States. “Turkish diplomats have tried to use in the event of places to call, intimidate them to the Camps to cancel. Two weeks ago, Turkish Minister visited in New York, members of the Turkish Community, and boasted that they chase me through the USA and my Events fail to leave.”

His passport has been confiscated by the Turkish government, the Zurich-born son of Turkish parents is a stateless person. In 2021 he wants to be American.

“Hitler of our century”

Behind the feud of the player is the Boston Celtics with the Turkish rulers Recep Tayyip Erdogan (65) is inserted. Erdogan Kanter called the “enemy of the state number 1”, because this is considered as followers of the preacher Fetullah Gülen (78). The Erdogan sees as a terrorist and mastermind behind the coup attempt of 2016.

Now Kanter is not afraid of harsh words. Several times he has referred to Erdogan as the “Hitler of our century”. And he is not even silence in the future. “I use the platform I have, thanks to the Basketball, to ensure that Erdogan’s cruelty and contempt for human rights is spoken,” he said in 2018 in the “Time”magazine. “If you stand against Erdogan, the your whole life, and the influence of all around you. For me, it is for three years, to dangerous to travel in Turkey. As the last Time I was visiting, has destroyed the government, the school of my brother and my dentist and his wife put in jail.”

And even Europe avoids Kanter now. A year ago, he flew with the New York Knicks to the Europe tour to London in fear of his life. He could be kidnapped in England, “slightly different from Turkish agents, or killed”, he was afraid.