Dirk Nowitzki’s passion for tennis is well known. He regularly organizes charity tournaments in his adopted home of Dallas, and he has his own court in his garden, where he and his wife regularly hit balls around their heads.

And in his youth, Nowitzki was an extremely talented tennis player. Therefore, many fans expected a few winners from him when he grabbed the racket with Alexander Zverev shortly before the Australian Open.

But his body also worries him more in tennis, as Nowitzki revealed when asked about his performance with Zverev: “I just can’t move anymore, I can’t run anymore,” said the Würzburg native.

But his passion for tennis is unbroken: “I just love this sport, I’ve followed it my whole life. I’ve been to Wimbledon several times. This is my first time at the Australian Open. That was at the top of my bucket list. I’ll watch some matches on Monday and Tuesday.”

Then he can certainly watch his training partner when things get serious for him: Alexander Zverev’s opening match against Juan Pablo Varillas is scheduled for next Monday.

We will pay close attention to who then takes up space in the Zverev box – and Dirk Nowitzki will be hard to miss.

The original of this post “After playing with Zverev, Nowitzki says: “I can’t move anymore”” comes from tennisnet.com.