If he must choose, the answer is clear. “The Ring is more important than the money” Clint Capela (24) says anyone who asks him if him a fat wage, or the sun title more.

Now, the Swiss could beat in the service of the Houston Rockets two birds with one stone. After he came in the qualifying round despite a long thumb injury break 2000 minutes of waving him in addition to his base salary of 13.8 million U.S. dollars, an additional Bonus of a Million.

No walk in the Park for Bonus

The condition is: Capela needs to reach with its Rockets, at least the Conference Final in the West, the semi-finals of the NBA Playoffs. A walk is not the: First of all, it is about the Utah Jazz with a country man Thabo Sefolosha (34) off. And then the defending champion Golden State is likely to be with the Superstars, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry between Houston and happiness. After all, Rockets Superstar James Harden (29), contrary to the case of some of the masses: “We have a Big one.”

Two other bonuses are missed chapel because of the injury already: 0.5 million, to write off, because he’s in a contract held in free-throw rate, as well as a Defensive-Rebound mark just missed.

it’ll work with the catchment in the West Final, in addition to the Bonus Million the best chances of winning the title. It would be more than a consolation. Finally, the Ring is more important than the money.