The Geneva-Clint Capela (24) is in his fourth full NBA season. Last season, the 2.08 m big Center of the Houston Rockets shone with the best Throw percentage in the entire League. Also this season, he meets with 64.8 percent of his Attempts.

The Vevey-born Thabo Sefolosha (34) is currently completing his 12. NBA-season. The 2,01 m tall Small Forward, so far, once the All-Defensive Team. After stops in Chicago, Oklahoma City and Atlanta, he now plays his second season for the Utah Jazz. After a marijuana-barrier at the beginning of the season, he struggled as in the last season with injuries.


Capela is still to make a name for themselves. While he is in Houston alongside James Harden and Chris Paul of the three most important players, he is not in the Rest of the country, still any sports fan, a fixed term. He can change these Playoffs final.

Sefolosha is considered to be one of the most intelligent players in the NBA who is interested in all sorts of topics outside of Sports. At least since he had won two years ago against the New York City police Department and provided him with a $ 4 million be paid, he is as a fighter against racism and police violence, a nationally-known figure. Sefolosha had been arrested in 2015 in a New York night club innocent. At the time of arrest, the police officers broke his ankle. He is one of the most respected players in the League.


Capela is a spectacular player. When he stuffs the Ball to Dunk in the basket, then blow his head off. When he gets to the Block, smashes the opponent’s attack. And even if he makes Harden and Paul the way he is perceived. Thanks to his style of play and his open manner, he is in Houston, one of the audience favorites.

Sefolosha is one of the players who can make a good game, without that you noticed it on the floor and on the stats sheet. An unspectacular defensive specialist, which is important for the Team – on the pitch and in the dressing room.


Capela is a crucial piece of the puzzle in the System of the Houston Rockets. The Center is responsible to give in the Pick and Roll, the highly decorated Guards James Harden and Chris Paul square. At the same time he is under the baskets of the big players from Utah’s Rudy Gobert, to the claws there, Rebounds, and block shots both currently excellent. To do this, he is working as a buyer for Alley-Oops and Dunks for points responsible.

Sefolosha is one of the many defensive specialists in the Team of Utah. And in the Moment at the same time one of the more Efficient. Only Sefolosha succeeded in game 1, Superstar and MVP candidate James Harden to some extent to keep in check. Some of the colleagues Ricky Rubio, Royce O’Neale and Donovan Mitchell failed. However, the Canton of Vaud seems to be slightly handicapped – the hip bothers him.

the future:

Capela could make you look rosy. The 24-Year-old increases from season to season, or even in areas where you would have it to him may not have believed possible. So he screwed up his free throw percentage this season to 63.5 percent. So he missed out on just under a 0.5-million-Dollar Bonus, but improved by more than 8 percent. “He has a lot more to it, than he can show,” says Houston assistant John Lucas about him. “His jump shot from half-distance is always better. In our System, he needs him.” In four years he is allowed to negotiate a new contract. Lucas is sure: “Then he is ripe for a Maximum Deal.”

When Sefolosha is the question: for How long? How long the 34-Year-old still has desire, as long as the body with power? In February, the Canton of Vaud said to LOOK, he’ll see next year for sure in the NBA.


In this category, Capela has the nose, not the front. Up to 90 million dollars could last the summer, bring a completed contract for five years, on average, he earns around 18 million per season. At the Moment, he is in career revenue of about 20 million.

Sefolosha currently comes to just over 44 million dollars he has earned in his career – 13 seasons. At the Moment he earns so much as never before in a season: 5.25 million. His contract runs out. His next contract is likely to be lower in doped.

chances of winning the title:

Capela, you are intact. The defending champion Golden State seems to weaken a little. And the Rockets around Harden seem to always come better and better.

Sefoloshas Utah Jazz would have to first turn off the Rockets, then three more Playoff rounds to survive. A title of the Teams from Salt Lake City would be a Sensation.