LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Who is the best basketball player in NBA history always sparks heated debates. It is undisputed that both have made an incredible amount of money from their skills. James also with his investments – as a new example shows.

Around 60 percent of NBA players are financially broke within five years of retiring from basketball. There are many reasons for this: bad investments, bad financial decisions, reckless spending, hiring the wrong agents/financial advisors, unwise and irresponsible decisions in handling their money and much more.

This is unfortunate; but there are also many NBA players who have made wise financial decisions and invested wisely to keep their money growing — not shrinking.

One of them is LeBron James, who recently became the first active athlete to become a billionaire.

James not only has a billion dollar lifetime deal with Nike and owns a portion of Beats by Dre headphones.

In 2011, the four-time champion invested $6.5 million for a 2 percent stake in English Premier League club Liverpool FC. That investment has more than quadrupled in value and is now valued at $35 million.

But LeBron’s best investment might be Blaze Pizza. In 2012, LeBron bought a 10 percent stake for $1 million.

This investment has grown incredibly over the following years as the company has grown into a nationwide chain. Blaze Pizza generated over $400 million in sales in 2019.

The following graphic shows the exact growth of his investment:

This article was written by Kano Klas

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