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TIME: Mr Schulze it frequently happens that certain fashion labels say: your clothes will co-opted by the extreme Right against their will. Is this possible?

Christoph Schulze: It happens anyway. There are many different rights and extreme-right currents, and as different as their fashion is. Some neo-Nazis based fashionable of the alternative culture, while others bear a clear set of political symbols. Common to all is you, up to the Image that you want to carry and brings you to certain brands.

TIME: And that would be?

This article dates back to the TIME no 49/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Schulze: The clothes should adhere to the own defensive, possibly aggressive traits. As you can see a Viking on the chest and skulls on the back. Almost always it comes, to demonstrate strength and a certain Form of masculinity. Often extreme Right-wing maintain a Bad-Boy Image, a Rebel. If clothing brands now use this Image, if you produce about flashy clothes with martial symbols, then you will be popular sometimes for the extreme Right, especially, although they had not created it, perhaps. Some put it but also.

TIME: What, for example?

Schulze: The brand Ansgar Aryan. It was founded by a Bavarian neo-Nazi. The clothing is aggressively advertised on right-wing pages. As a buyer, it is also his scene with a specific service.

TIME: you can See it on the T-Shirts that a Right-wing sell it to?

Schulze: The motives of brands like Ansgar Aryan clearly, the glorification of the “Aryan” is in the brand name. Better less clear fashion, about the Thor Steinar sold. The continues to be an important sign of recognition of the extreme-right scene, the company makes millions in revenue.

TIME: What makes you popular?

Christoph Schulze

right-wing extremism researcher, working on the Moses-Mendelssohn – Zentrum at the University of Potsdam.

Schulze: and that you is ambiguous. Many of the carriers do not want to admit in case of doubt, to have something to do with right-wing extremism in the hat. Also, many of the motifs are rather diffuse: skulls, weapons and runes, but also mountain landscapes, or depictions of the Norse mythology.

TIME: Who is Thor Steinar buy, know, however, that the many right wear extreme.

Schulze: Exactly, but if you of the folders in the football stadium responsive to your T-Shirt, you can answer: What is bothering you because in the Viking ship? This game with Affirmation and distancing is typical of right-wing extremism and the power Mode that works with hints, to a model of success.

TIME: Which brands have the Problem to be recognized?

Schulze: Since Fred Perry reminds me of the same. It is one of the brands that use neither rights code, nor by the extreme Right were founded – and still in the scene are popular. Currently, supporters of the Identitarian movement appreciate about this brand. The shirts are integrable in a style that emphasizes a clean, Central European body ideal. Plays a role sure to the Logo, the Laurel wreath, as a sign for victory, for honor, fight. But that’s not the whole reason that the brand was at the extreme Right is so popular.