Grandson of the first President of Kazakhstan Aysultan Nazarbayev broke another story about how he had been deceived and robbed of 25 million dollars. The story turned out in the traditional heir style with a dash of witchcraft and mystery. Meanwhile, his mother Dariga Nazarbayeva, he did not say a word, although the daughter of the first President is ousted from the political Olympus of Kazakhstan and its further fate is not known.

According to Aysultan, after his father’s death he began to use drugs, than immediately took advantage of the people he considered his friends. They hypnotized, hocus magical potions and so on.

according to the son of Dariga, in the period from 2015 to 2017 Nurzhan Bisenbaev, Temirlan Urkumbayev, Rustam Kholiknazarov, Dzhumadildaev Ablay, and A. Baliev was removed from his Bank account of $ 25 million. Where a young man had formed such a sum, he does not explain. But given that his mother Dariga Nazarbayeva recently proved in court that he bought a few houses in this country honestly earned 80 million pounds (90 million dollars), and his father, Rakhat Aliyev at one time was almost all-powerful son-in-law of Kazakhstan’s President, to assume the origin of the funds difficult.

Much more interesting, who is the grandson of the President of Kazakhstan said the kidnappers vehicles. apparently, it’s his peers who he considered friends. Of course, nothing to say for sure, but the names there are some coincidences. For example, the A. Baliev can be a son of the 8th the Minister of justice of Kazakhstan Zagipa believei, he’s born in 1990-m to year.

Aysultan Nazarbayev periodically hits in mysticism, in the fight against corruption, which, in his opinion, thoroughly eaten by the ruling elite of Kazakhstan. In this sense, the memories stolen by the 25 millions of dollars were not something unexpected. I was surprised the other why he didn’t say a word about the dismissal of his mother Dariga Nazarbayeva, who occupied the second highest position in the country – the Chairman of Parliament.

what is the secret of this distinction, “MK” has found out from the experts.

Arkady Dubnov, an expert on Central Asian countries:

About three weeks ago Aysultan returned to Nur-Sultan. In what state he now is, it is difficult to say, perhaps, it is trying to bring to life. Probably, he decided to go for bread, but found that the money in the account was much less than he expected, and now he suffers for.

Why he does not remember the dismissal of his mother, is also understandable. You can, of course, joke that he does not know resignation, Dariga Nazarbayeva, but this is unlikely. If he knows, he apparently made a serious suggestion on the subject of silence. The aroma is�� still and no one from the family Nazarbaevym did not comment on the dismissal of Dariga about its future prospects also do not know anything. Therefore, the statement of Aisultan could be interpreted ambiguously as the first reaction from the family.

Tolganai Umbetalieva, Director General of Central Asian Fund of democracy development:

– initial communication with the account Aisultan Nazarbayev in Facebook were directed against his mother Dariga. But now she’s retired from politics, therefore, ceased to be the object of criticism and so will probably stay up until she once again does not declare itself.

However, reports from the account of a grandson of Nazarbayev remains popular in Kazakhstan society. First, the inhabitants of the Republic are interested in corruption in the country, and the financial subject in Kazakhstan is as opaque. Accordingly, when using posts on social networks can manipulate public opinion. In fact we are talking about the information war. This time Aysultan Nazarbayev or someone who concealed his name, was called names that were not known to the General public.

This, apparently, is about the children of members of the ruling elite of the Republic, Kazakhstan has no problems with the change of name. However, if we assume that it is written true, the authors of the post know their real names and have pressure on them. Maybe the pressure is not on Dariga Nazarbayeva, and her supporters.