The star of the popular Russian TV series "Kept woman" Sophia Ernst shared in his microblog humorous anti-age procedure that drew the attention of some local celebrities, including figure skater Tatiana Navka. The athlete was delighted with how the actress dropped ten years in five minutes with the help of manipulation of the hair.

Publish from Sofya Ernst (@sofyapavlovna) 3 Aug 2020 4:11 PDT

Recently in the personal Instagram profile sweetheart Konstantin Ernst published an article where a 32-year-old girl in a joking manner, shared their secrets of youth. As it became clear from the publication the stars, you just need to braid two braids.

– Super anti-age procedure, minus ten years in five minutes! Braid 2 braids and voila! (the original style preserved – approx. ed.) – said the actress on the social network.

Fans of 32-year-old star of "Kept women" came to the conclusion that even without the pigtails she looks very young. Some of them even thought that the girl put up photos of my childhood. There were those who compared the "perfect" appearance of Sophia Ernst with the character Anna from the cartoon "frozen" what pleased his favorite, which is called the compliment of the "best".

In addition to the fans of the actress, in a similar way to rejuvenate from the actress became interested in Patriotic stars such as presenter Ksenia Sobchak and skater Tatiana Navka, who shared impressions from seen, having left for publication review "Brilliant!".

Earlier edition VSE42.Ru reported that the wife of Ernst showed the first photo of "baby".