Parade in honor of Navy Day, which was attended by President Vladimir Putin, has caused a great resonance in social networks.

One of the non-systemic opposition Alexei Navalny has written in social networks: “And Putin holds all the parades. There are no other cases in the country.”

Putin walked on the boat the line battle ships

Many users considered it a sign of disrespect to sailors and their professional holiday.

“What your eyes has upset and offended? Does the rise of the Russian fleet and the construction of new ships is not a reason for pride, or recall the glorious tradition of sailors is not a good way to celebrate Navy day?” replied the opposition leader, the author of the telegram channel, “People and Animals”.

He noted that the radical liberals ignoring the Russian holidays, because they hurt the feelings of their friends in the United States and Ukraine.

“it would be Necessary Lelik in Odessa to send there for it created a full-fledged festival. In their Harbor came in American ships,” said the user.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that in Russia today, July 26, celebrating the Day of the Navy. Accept congratulations sailors, veterans, workers of the shipbuilding, ship-repair enterprises. The main naval parade held in St. Petersburg.