Naval aviation black sea fleet, worked in the Crimea launches rockets

Fighters and bombers of the black sea fleet began the active phase of the flight tactical exercises on the ranges of the Crimea. The first step was the testing of output equipment at alternate airports from the blow of the enemy. In the second phase, the pilots of the su-24M and su-30CM has carried out launches of unguided rockets and bombs at sea and ground targets. The crews of helicopters and anti-submarine planes searched the submarine of the simulated enemy.

In the tactical exercise involved the aircraft be-12, An-26, su-24MR, su-24M, su-30CM, helicopters Ka-27 and Mi-8. Overall, about 20 pieces of equipment, reports information service of the “News of Sevastopol” with reference to the press service of the black sea fleet.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol