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today At 13:00 we meet Nav point in Nordland. Here we will attempt to answer some of their questions. Submit your questions:

Point is, those who are responsible for publikumshenvendelser.

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today, there are between 4 and 5 times as many unemployed today as two weeks ago.

The climb we have had the last 14 days is without historical precedent. 65.000 two weeks ago, 291.000 completely available yesterday. 90 per cent of these were laid off, says Nav director Sigrun Vågeng to NRK.

She explains that we are affected by the national measures, but also by the fact that they are the turmoil in the world economy.

” We are prepared that the numbers will rise, but how much we do not know. We know that very many people know of great turmoil. Our first priority is that people receive money they are entitled to. We are working as quickly as possible to get this in place.

NHO concerned about small and medium-sized enterprises

the confederation of Norwegian enterprise boss Ole Erik Almlid says to NRK that the new figures underline the urgency for businesses and workers.

the Situation is especially severe for small and medium-sized businesses that now bleeds.

Almlid says the unemployment rate can provide great stress for those affected – both economically and socially.

– We see the worst ledighetstallene since the 30’s. It is the major arbeidsplassmaskinene commerce and service, tourism, and dining that suffer the most. It is also a part in the service industry that make up the unprecedented increase, ” says the regional director Daniel Bjarmann-Simonsen in NHO Nordland.

He believes the dramatic increase highlights the seriousness of the stiuasjonen

Nav ask the unemployed and the laid off register the CV Nav asks people who are unemployed and laid off to register their CV in the

– Although many industries now struggling, there are also some who have the need for labour. Go in and register you if you have a CV you want others to see. Now it’s about to get mobilized they are available to where it is in the workplace.

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