“the climate crisis is not present.”

It was the headline of the ad that got Naturvernforbundet to react. Ad cost during the 25,000 dollars and was paid by the Klimarealistenes members. They have tried to buy ad space in several of the country’s newspapers, but have received no.

Naturvernforbundet believe that Tønsbergs Blad do not take our social responsibility seriously.

We are very disappointed. It is dangerous when a newspaper is to spread such untruths, ” says a given Maren Esmark, the general secretary of Naturvernforbundet.

DISAPPOINTED: Maren Esmark in Naturvernforbundet is disappointed that TB allowed the ad.

Photo: Naturvernforbundet

Klimarealistene says on their website that they are a politically independent organization for those who believe that the climate is dominated by natural variations. NRK wrote a case about them then they should arrange a conference.

climate scientists took a closer look at the organization’s claims:

freedom of Expression

For newspapers and media houses, freedom of speech and to be building community is important. Sometimes it can be a difficult balancing act, but the editor Sigmund Kydland in Tønsbergs Blad believes they did right in this case.

We make sure that freedom of speech works. The next few days after the ad spoke for we this from other pages, ” says Kydland.

EDITOR IN TB: Sigmund Kydland.

Even if ads is not editorial content, the editor is still responsible for everything that is published in the newspapers. It points out the general secretary of the Norwegian press association, Elin Floberghagen.

She has not seen the specific ad, and asserts, therefore, on a general basis.

– the role of the Media is to illustrate the views. Not only the views, we even agree. It is important, ” says Floberghagen.

But whether the newspaper should have published the ad as several other newspapers around the country has meant that not straightforward, is a different matter.

the Question here is whether the one here spreading misinformation. It can’t ONE take a position before the complaint comes, ” says Floberghagen.

climate scientists: Stop the use of “worst-case”scenario Anthropogenic climate change

It is climate change and the question of whether they are anthropogenic or not, who have set fire to this debate.

the Un intergovernmental panel on climate change with leading climate scientists from around the world have concluded that it is extremely likely that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are the main cause of the temperature increase on the earth.

” We dispute the findings of the Un intergovernmental panel on climate change. We are not facing any klimakrise, ” says Morten Jødal, the leader of the Klimarealistene.

If Naturvernforbundet proceed with a case against us, we will take …

Then stops himself.

– I will not say something bad, end Jødal.

What can happen if the global warming increases?