In this case, the Severance phrase “by mutual agreement” ad absurdum: Pro Zürcher Oberland, the promotion of economic development and tourism organization of 13 municipalities of the Region, the day before yesterday fired Wednesday its managing Director, Jean-Luc Ferrazzini in the middle of a newspaper Interview. You may assume that, without its agreement.

The whole story in Detail: in the beginning of January, took Ferrazzini his new position. Among other things, he was there for in the Zurich area well-known dairy brand of Natural responsible. He had previously directed, among other things, the global communication of the gate group, the former Swissair catering’s daughter.

“Designated leader”

The man who hired him: Ernst Kocher (60), Chairman and President of the Pro Zürcher Oberland and SVP-President of the municipal Council of the municipality of Wald ZH. His unctuous words about the new employees: “We were able to attract a proven leader that understands it, to bring actors from different sectors together and to take advantage of synergies. He is familiar with the economic Situation in the Region.”

Obviously, Ferrazzini has convinced him in the first three months, however, nothing of his Can. Without realizing the. As the regional newspaper “Landbote” visited him on Wednesday to talk about his first impressions and future plans, first of all, everything is normal, including a photo appointment.

Exercise is cancelled

Then the cooker came into the office. We had to cancel the Exercise, he said. Ferrazzini asked more than a couple of minutes, but Kocher insisted and left with a cooker in the room. To call without a reason. A quarter of an hour later, he came back. Without Ferrazzini.

You have the employment relationship just ended “by mutual agreement”. Aha. However, as the to have a look? Want stove have Ferrazzini in a few minutes, convinced that, for him, a separation is the Best?

“Thank you for the work of”

stove said only, you’ve had the appointment for the separation of longer fixed. You must not assume that Ferrazzini knew that, otherwise he would have recognised an Interview about his future. On demand of VIEW Kocher explains: “of Course I’m not happy about the way it happened. But sometimes I really can’t stay. Our decision intensive discussions.”

And what were the reasons for the separation? In a later sent Communiqué it is said, you’ve had different views on the future direction of the organization. “The Board and the Team would like to thank Jean-Luc Ferrazzini for the work done.”

On Friday afternoon, Ferrazzini defended at the request of VIEW and explains the reasons for the dismissal: “The promotion of tourism and regional products were in good hands. I wanted to dedicate more of the economic development. On that we were not in agreement.” However, the procedure in front of the eyes of the Public he did not understand at all: “There was no reason for haste.”