as soon As conditions allow to implement the Nato decision on expanding the mission in Iraq, says Jens Stoltenberg.

Nato continues missions the world over, despite the spread of the coronavirus – but with preventive measures and reduced activity.

In Iraq, where Denmark is scheduled to assume leadership of the Nato training mission later in the year, helping the alliance during the coronakrisen.

– We are still present in Iraq. The mission commander is there. We provide support to the iraqi security forces, and we help them deal with the Covid-19-the crisis, says secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg.

Covid-19 is the name of the disease, as coronaviruses from 2019 causes.

In Iraq, the activities reduced. But it was already before coronaudbruddet. It is due to attacks on the bases and a deteriorating security situation.

– the Level of training both in Nato and in the global coalition to combat Daesh (Islamic State in red.) was reduced even before the crisis, with Covid-19. Covid-19 has then added further to the crisis, says Stoltenberg.

Nato has earlier this year taken the decision to increase our activities in Iraq. The alliance takes over more of the training, as the UNITED states-led coalition to combat Islamic State in a large extent has been responsible for.

– We will increase our activities on the ground as soon as conditions allow it. And we are ready for it, says Stoltenberg.

Under the viruskrisen Nato both in Iraq and the rest of the world introduced preventive measures to minimize the risk for the deployed soldiers.

But the missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, is maintained. The same applies to the battle groups in Poland and in the baltic countries. Also luftpatruljering and missions in the Aegean and The Mediterranean continues.

– We maintain our readiness. If there is a need, Nato can deploy forces, ready to face any threat and challenge – also in the middle of coronakrisen, says Stoltenberg.

Nato defence ministers hold videoconferencing on Wednesday. They should talk about the coronakrisen.