Yesterday was the first meeting in the framework of litigation between relatives of actor Alexander chislova, who fight over the inheritance. We will remind, some months before the death of the actor has sold its “kopeck piece” on the street Leskov niece Svetlana for 4.5 million rubles. And recently with the claim in Butyrskaya court asked the mother of Alexander chislova — Valentina Alexandrovna. The woman asks to recognize the transaction invalid, on the grounds that she is the heir apparent, and the estate was to be given to her. Besides the pensioner allegedly had nowhere to live. An elderly woman called the niece of actor a professional realtor and reproached that she hurried to put “kopeck piece” for sale.

a Hearing on the claim of Valyantsina to her own granddaughter, Svetlana Andrianova, the niece of the actor, which before his death, he sold his apartment, began with the fact that the decision was made to close the trial from the press (in the hall gathered a lot of journalists).

As we found out “MK”, Svetlana, who saw my grandmother, after a long break, could not hold back tears. Granddaughter with his Protectress Yulia Verbitskaya (Linnik) expressed compassion Valentina Alexandrovna, as a woman who has lost her son and asked if she understood what was going on and what kind of help or support from Svetlana to her?

However, the lawyer Valentina Alexandrovna, and brother, Svetlana, Vladimir, speak to the elderly woman was not given. They are referring to the fact that it has nothing to do with the subject of the claim, asked the poor woman if she wanted “to bury his son or burn?”. The judge even had to make a comment.

As explained “MK” Svetlana herself, she declares publicly that it is willing to provide Valentina Alexandrovna financial support or to provide it at his own expense a house in the place where she is comfortable and familiar to live.

Valentina Aleksandrovna most of his life in Kaluga region. Here are the requirements of claimed “representatives of the plaintiff” on invalidation of the transaction – the contract of purchase and sale of apartments, in which uncle sold his apartment to me, his beloved niece, have no relation neither to the will nor the desire Valentina Alexandrovna.

According to the actor’s niece, is happening is nothing but a dirty struggle for Moscow square footage. The fact that Alexander had a number of clear and expressed intention to leave the apartment niece. This is confirmed, as documents (will, from 2014, the donation or bargain sale in 2019), and the testimony of witnesses, including the plaintiff.

the plaintiff still insists that the transaction was invalid, and Alexander himself number died in terrible conditions and under strange circumstances��two. The next meeting is scheduled for July 17.