It is one of those fateful 22. June of last year that every football Fan remembers. Xherdan Shaqiri shoots to the national team in the 90. Minute in Kaliningrad at the world Cup in Russia to 2:1 against Serbia. The double-headed eagle-discussions will continue for months.

And also the referee Dr. Felix Brych will soon be below the belt line criticized. The reason is that When the score was 1:1, he decides a tussle between Mitrovic with Lichtsteiner and warping on the striker a Foul instead of Penalty.

compared with war crimes

Nemanja Matic, the Star of Manchester United, raged: “The referee was a disaster.” And Serb Coach Mladen Krstajic compares Brych with a war criminal. “I would send him to The Hague. In order to make him the process of how you have made us.” The taste is the low point of the newspaper “Srpski Telegraph”, which shows a Tweet that provides loose in the Brych with a swastika and mouth is shown.

The Serbian Association Boss Slavisa Kokeza rages in addition, in the case of the BBC: “The Team, the coaches, all the Serbs are very disappointed and frustrated about the unfairness of Fifa. We all know that more than half of the Swiss population is German.” According to the Swiss Federal office for statistics, only 300’000 German but live in Switzerland.

“life goes on”

a Particularly bitter Brych: He is sent because of the alleged error that no game is more. “The history of the world Cup is for me and my Team, of course, a bitter disappointment. But life goes on and we will come back”, it will be Brych quoted in a DFB statement. “Obviously, Felix has a rating of’ difficult and contentious penalty decision by Fifa as so severe that there was no further fixtures for him. Whether this is justified, need to rate our experts. We must accept this decision,” said Ronny Zimmermann, the referee competent DFB Vice-President.

Now, Brych whistles today, Switzerland again. When he whistled, brought us the luck. Not only against Serbia: On 12. November 2017-qualified for the national team against Northern Ireland with 0:0 (first leg 1:0 victory) for the world Cup in 2018.