“at my age, you need to hang up still a bit more. You can feel partially less credibility. But this is precisely the challenge.” Stephan Lichtsteiner was always aware of what they were getting into in London with Arsenal. After ten years in Italy and seven Serie A trophies with Juventus, the 35-Year-old wanted to broaden his horizon to a new peak.

The role of the defender has changed, the playing time in the English League was scarcer than hoped for. In the Finish of the Premier League, the club from the contract taktierte technical reasons. It was only when the desired Top-4-classification was almost playful, put Coach Unai Emery back to the long-time Captain of the Swiss national team.

“So you don’t have to live as a professional”

light Steiner complains about it, but for him is clear: “In the final stage, I would like to share my experience. The Coach decided differently. So you have to live as a professional.” That he came only occasionally to his regular position and partially in the left-hand Couloir on the train, not simplified the task.

a Few days before the Europa League final against Chelsea
is pulling defenders Outside, of course, no final balance sheet. The two-time Champions League Finalist, has in the year after the statistically weakest campaign Arsenal since 1996, as Large. “My Challenge and goal here from the beginning: the qualification for the Champions League and a title to win.”

“Europa League victory? Mission accomplished!”

Should triumph, the Gunners in the London Cup Derby, “would be
fulfilled my Mission, after a challenging year”. Up to now, the only Ciriaco Sforza with Bayern and Inter in three European Finals. He now moves also in this category, on a par with the former Bundesliga Star interested in Lichtsteiner is currently only marginal. “The important thing is that we win on Wednesday.”

What’s next after the Trip to Baku, is not currently in Detail in sight. A continuation of the route with Arsenal not out of the question. If Lichtsteiner remains in England, is open. “The football here is Fun. It was not easy to adapt. I needed the time.” Wilder, less tactical, is played with an extremely high rhythm.

“Am open for everything,”

The Premier League remains for him one of several options – also the end of his extraordinary career is not excluded. “I’m actually open for everything. I would like to attach at least a year, but I have quite clear ideas and objectives.” Everything he won’t, stresses Lichtsteiner. “My family plays in decision-making a Central role.”

physical feel of the 105 times that of the national players are ready for another challenge. “My values are top notch. I’m in great shape”, according to the tough intra-Swiss hard worker. And time, recharge the batteries, he will receive in June – the Final Four tournament, the Nations League will take place without him. It is expected, therefore, to SFV-level with his retreat to? “The coach decides, I will.”

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