The Dutch state railway will, for the first time to compensate descendants of Jews deported individually. The Deportation of Jews to the Westerbork transit camp in the Second world war was a “dark Chapter” in the history of the country and the company, it was called the railway company. A Commission will now examine individual compensation payments.

After the invasion of German troops in the Netherlands in may 1940, the Dutch state railway had transported on behalf of the German occupying forces Jews to the transit camp Westerbork. The railway companies deserved to the fact according to the current value in millions of Euro.

Overall, were exposed to more than 107,000 Jews in Westerbork in the North-East of the country, inter -, and then in the concentration and extermination camps in other countries.

In 2005, the Dutch state railway has apologized for its role during the Nazi occupation. Although the railway company donated, according to a report by the public broadcaster NOS money for memorial projects; compensation paid to individuals have not yet been paid.

The now announced payment of individual compensation following discussions of railroad chief Roger van Boxtel, a former physiotherapist of the football club Ajax Amsterdam, Salo Muller. Muller had lost both his parents during the Second world war. They were deported to Westerbork and from there to Auschwitz. Muller told the Dutch television, it did not mean a lot to him that the railway understand, “that the Suffering is over”.

Of the 140,000 Jews who lived according to current knowledge, prior to the start of the Second world war in the Netherlands, survived only about 30,000.