Kimi’s Raikkonen a self-confessed Hockey Fan. The Finn tied up, and even the skates and on the ice. As he is still in Wollerau SZ resident, he looks at SCRJ-games. Since the 39-Year-old in Baar ZG is found, there are parts of the EVZ. At train his country man and friend, I want Walt to Immonen (52) was also from 2008 to 2018 as an assistant trainer.

Last but club racers annoyed about his Favorite, because the EVZ is supposed to have taken out the remaining three of his previous four reserved seats.

reactions (in the network) and not have to wait long. The HCD Twitter: “Hey Kimi, You’re always welcome in our home.” The second-tier SC Altstadt Olten simply grabs four season tickets to the Finns, addressed Envelope.

it really was

The ECC clarified now, as the story really went. Raikkonen is ECC-Ambassador and shareholder since 2010, and the relocation of the club in the Bossard-Arena. “As an appreciative gesture, we have made him since then, four seat Tickets in the ECC-Lounge,” says CEO Patrick Lengwiler (41). Totally free of charge. For how long you may keep the F1 Star, is then defined.

With increasing success increases when you EV train, the demand for the good seats. “We have informed Kimi about 2017 for the first time that it lists for this sponsorship, the waiting-places, and we could forgive his little-used Tickets otherwise”, Lengwiler more.

Raikkonen wants to keep but not necessarily, the ECC reduced to the 2018/19 season in the number three. The sporty high-altitude flight of his favorite clubs, however, the Finn can escape he visited, not a single ECC game. Not even in the Playoffs or in the Final! “We had to at the same time refuse to viewers who wondered why these places were still empty.”

So Lengwiler shall inform the F1 world champion of 2007 this spring, is that the courts in the context of a sponsorship partnership have been awarded. “I wrote him a letter also explicitly stated that he can report at any time, if he wants to come to a game. We will have places for him, he is always welcome to us,” said CEO Lengwiler. The answer to this Mail he has read in the newspaper.