He played simply outstanding, moved his Team like a locomotive through the Playoffs, could never get. And yet, SCB-Captain Simon Moser after the Triumph of critical words. “I don’t see it quite so, and I’m honest to myself I stand for almost every goal against Geneva on the ice. I stand for almost every goal against Biel on the ice. The unsettled me. But we stood together as a line. That was the key.”

The Emmental, which took over two years ago, the Captainamt of his predecessor, Martin Plüss, the relief in his face. “From the first game, we felt enormous pressure. We had no good qualification at the end, started to pitch in the Playoffs,” says Moser.

“I never doubted that we”

Nevertheless, he had always relied on his teammates. “You are incredible. If I’m honest: I have never doubted that we are going to work in the semi-final against Biel. I was never nervous. Even when we were with the 2:3 back. We talked in advance about such a scenario. The key factor was how we responded. From the first game, an increase was evident.”

The frequently asked question, according to the energy reserves on attracted many a player mad. Moser says: “The games have shown it to Yes: We always stayed on it, also had in last Match, more Power to you. I thought at least. Because, as the last third began, I was surprised. I thought we’d train in the bag. The opposite was the case. It’s a fight, a bite Through that. In the media, you never say that you’re tired. But when I look around me in the dressing room, I see a huge relief. The tension that fell off, is enormous.”

Much had been pure head thing. “After two, three Games it was said that we would not play our Hockey, but can any opponent to dominate. This is not so. We have won every decisive game. He had incredible character tests.”

Moser wants to think of the world Cup

Moser was two weeks ago, the father also to his girlfriend Sandra. “You necessarily write must be: A huge big thank you to my girlfriend. At each round, you slept with the boys in the room next door, so I was able to recover. Thanks to her, I had energy.”

After the festivities, it goes on for Moser. He says: “the behaviour of the Small normal, I Stand now – at the world Cup.” On the question of whether Luca came to his father, says Moser with a smile: “He is a fighter, and comes consequently to me.”