The weather in Ticino: keeping it High on the South, in the Leventina valley, the Deep presses on the mind. In the Hockey-translated language: The HC Lugano with the self-confidence from the last three Victories in a row in today’s Derby. Ambri is going through just a difficult Phase, has lost three times in a row.

That Ambris change is not to be, of all things, initiated in the Canton of duel, this is in Lugano agreed. The Bianconeri want to take the momentum. For the recovery of the HCL and the associated recovered the joy of playing, two players are perfect examples: Luca Fazzini (24) and Alessio Bertaggia (26).

The two own plants have blossomed under new coach Sami Kapanen (46). Fazzini has with 8 goals after 15 games, almost as many hits on the account, as in the whole of the last day of qualifying (12). Similarly, Bertaggia, who stands at 6 goals and the whole of last season, has only been shooting for just one more.

“creativity in the Offensive,”

“Yes, it’s going well, our confidence is high,” says Bertaggia, referring to the team as a whole. “The Team understands what the Coaches want.” And that is? “A quick and aggressive game.”

And most important: According to the Knorr leagues system fanatics Greg Ireland (54, Ka) be the player from the Finns Kapanen in this respect, forced into a tight corset. “Creativity in the Offensive will be allowed,” said Bertaggia, “in a broader context than before, and the Gameplan must always vote.”

Both Fazzini, as well as Bertaggia convince to such an extent that the club have extended their contracts by two years until 2022. Since its signature Bertaggia scored in the two Games against Bern and train three goals. Is excited, he is now on today’s Derby: “Ambri will aggressively tackle. We want to balance the emotions. You have to control, retain – but.”