How to replace Lausanne occurs in the second duel. First of all, the have the on Tuesday only destructive Vaud a little trouble with the attack triggering, but not a fire hazard, as soon as they appear in the Zug area.

On the backwardness of the Lausanne stops unexpectedly: With a higher Tempo and more aggression in Forchecking. Because the Canton of Vaud also in response to the second ECC-guide by return of post, is palpable, as the Momentum of the game tilts. Because instead of from the Zug 2:1, the shoots McIntyre directly by the criminal Bank coming, wear down, the latter determined.

Benjamin Antonietti, it is the (quota)Welsch, who scored the important goal for 3:2 and so that the – supposed – turn initiates. The 4:2 earned – but curious: Emmertons shot is deflected by EVZ-smurf. Goalie Stephan deflects the Puck off the post, from there he drops him on the back, stuck in the Tenü and rolls into the goal.

The EVZ is determined, the first loss in these Playoffs even avert – but under Protest because of the hit by Emmerton.

With the Two-goal lead Lausanne takes only slightly the foot from the accelerator pedal, therefore, the Zug can fight for more ice cream. In the quarter-final against Lugano, they have proven that they can find solutions and can react. Against Lausanne they same again!

But the French-speaking Swiss the series compensation. You show a strong game – and this time respect: The Canton of Vaud to stay for the award of the best player’s like announcing on the ice.

Joel Genazzi (Lausanne), secures the victory.

Johan Morant (train), causing impetuous in extra time, the penalty for the fatal Powerplay.

13. Flynn (Suri/PP) 0:1. 23. Leone (Lindbohm) 1:1. 28. McIntyre (Roe, Diaz), 1:2.
29. Kenins (men’s/PP) 2:2. 34. Antonietti (Herren, In-Albon) 3:2. 40. (39:45) Emmerton 4:2. 46. Albrecht (Zehnder) 4:3. 57. Roe (Martschini) 4:4. 72. Genazzi (Partanen) 5:4.

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