of Fribourg and the villain was there, but what? Exactly, Shawn Heins (44) had the monopoly on this role for years. The Canadians played from 2007 to 2013 for Gottéron. To collected his most evil times in just 26 Games with 120 penalty minutes (2007), or in the 2008/09 season as a Captain of a whopping 174 penalty minutes.

Now an American converts in Gottéron on Heins’ tracks: Jim Slater. Somewhat surprisingly, they discovered the 36-Year-old is currently on the throne of the penalty kings. Because of the “Chrampfer” who wanted to hang out after last season, his skates are actually on the nail, convinced otherwise in a different statistic: For the Bullys Slater is almost unbeatable, only the Geneva Tanner Richard (25) has a better ratio. “Thanks to my strong record in the Bullys I was able to keep me so long in the NHL,” Slater proudly and with conviction.

“don’t Feel as a dirty player,”

What is the wrong with the many penalties? Became the fuse of the veterans about shorter? “No, but it is a narrow line between hard and play hard,” says the Olympic players of Pyeongchang. And sometimes he exceeded it. “I don’t feel me but as a dirty player.”

Hard-to-five minutes plus duration of the game to weigh Slaters penalties account from the first game of the season against Lausanne for a Check against Matteo Nodari. “For me, it was a clean Check,” said Slater. The saw be club-like and had success with the appeal. The 25 penalty minutes, however, remain in the NL statistics, but will not be counted to the extent that the striker would not be blocked in case of a second match penalty automatically.

“Then I will take the matter in Hand”

Slater is not accepted to harm the Team with his penalties. Or if the counter-player on the penalty bench. What he cannot stand, are not punishable act Fouls from opponents. It should be to itself or to other players.

Because it’s Slater’s Job is to cavort there, where it hurts – in front of the opponent’s goal – he takes that he will be dealt with harshly. “Sometimes that pushes me, too.” But if there is a clear Crosscheck to the Refs to be overlooked, realize he already who it was. “Then I will take the matter in Hand, and stand up for myself or my teammates.”

1. Slater (Fribourg) 89
2. Berthon (Servette) 58
3. Alatalo (train) 54
4. C. Baltisberger (ZSC) 53
Reuille (Lugano) 53
6. Lapierre (Lugano) 51
Moser (Bern) 51
M. Wieser (Davos) 51
9. Rüfenacht (Bern) 48
10. Blaser (SCL Tigers) 45
source: SIHF