The bar fight Teams urgently need points for a Playoff Ticket. In the duels you go hot-to-and-fro. The players give everything for their team to throw more often in the shots. How Lugano Veteran Sebastién Reuille.

The 37-Year-old plays sacrificially against the ZSC Lions (on 11. January) and wants to block in the Boxplay a direct shot of ZSC defenseman Patrick Geering. “I had a bit of bad luck,” says the striker who plays for his serious broken jaw seven years ago, with a grid helmet. Because Reuille is a little too far away from the shooter and, therefore, the trajectory of the puck changes, he meets him not as intended in the legs, but at the Hand.

fractures, he no longer counts

The result is that The index finger is broken, Reuille needs surgery. There is a Pause that is longer threatens, because of the broken bone needs to be secured with a screw. Before the three Games, but the Oldie is back again in the Line-up. “Now it comes to a lot of. I want to help the Team. As soon as I could somehow keep the Stock, I wanted to play again,” says Reuille, who no longer counts his broken bones at the hands and feet. In the hot bar fight he won’t bite, “though I can’t do this anymore yeah,’ cause I’ve got all their own teeth,” he quips.

From a Puck to the face

taken too Drawn Servette-Canadians Daniel Winnik. Two weeks ago, the striker in Ambri is located in a two battle for the Puck at the gang. The sticks hit the disc so that you can hitting high and Winnik in the face. The 33-Year-old needs to get out. Diagnosis: fracture of the lower orbital.

No Problem for Winnik. He returns on Tuesday, three days after the incident, in Geneva’s line-up. With a stitched wound and a black eye behind the grille of the helmet, the Ex-NHL bruiser for the first time in his career. In spite of all the adversity Winnik scored in the first game after the Pucktreffer in Zurich, the preliminary decision by the end of 2:0. On the last Monday then he underwent the necessary surgery, played against Davos and Lugano quasi-injured. In a bar fight no big thing.