I’m driving to the Tessin. Derby, Ticino Derby. The last Derby Switzerland, the earned Patina. All the others have been reduced by the merciless Glut to any endless loop. It takes in the Sport today, not even a Derby, what can not be seen as a Derby qualified to get the fashion label “classic”. Normal Games? Can figures of the entertainment operating under the tyranny of the quarterly-the bean counters can not afford more, the superlative is brought to the man, to the last superlative has worn out.

. The Derby is a projection surface for emotions (with all advantages and disadvantages, admittedly) and an Institution in this Canton, is no dull, soulless posturing that takes care of tomorrow, no more.

the Canton is in the handle, the game itself is not a final action, but only an act of this performance, as well as the plenty of documented lead that attaches to every Move of the Teams under the microscope, and the epic follow-up, with surgical precision any errors.

now, in the middle of the worst rings around the Playoffs, is the Valascia the right stage. Ambri resists the rules of the industry, Lugano blows the whistle on the rules of their own recent history. To withstand the maximum from the perspective of neutrality (grin), for directly Affected e (since every Ticinese is one of them) this game is almost too much additional explosiveness.

on Friday in Ticino. Through the tube, in the tube look. Gorgeous, isn’t it? You may also offers already on Tuesday, on the correct coffee at the Buvette.