the Sport live. Especially the Sport, knows for renewals, no expiration date. Epic penalty shoot-out produced just the football.

The NL Playoffs are on the international Overtime-map no white spot anymore, the three-digit Numbers, we now have in black and white: 118. Game minute, rien ne vas plus.

After the decision in the sixth, third, even the losers are thrilled. The players complain about dwindling senses and lame legs and reports during the breaks of piss-excesses (Scherwey want gebiselt 15 liters), and then are placed back to all dry.

A few stubborn TV interviewers try in a sad voice, tickling her negative quotes about the new Format of the directly involved parties, this intention has, however, made by Robert Mayer, goalkeeper for losers, and is crossed: “The Fun.” Thus, the issue is settled.

passion does not grow with distance

the enthusiasm is Arrived but not (yet) at all. The sports editors have fired up the printing presses to the chagrin of their reporters for a long time, as Arcobello just before one o’clock in the morning. Also there is nothing more. Camera people and TV producers to sign first a doubt, and are vehemently calling for the return to the transmitting circuit at midnight, the ice master to report seizures after the third break, first dizziness, and rotate your rounds, then stubbornly to the laws of the link traffic.

The area-wide growing passion for decision-making without a rifle shoot well with a bit of distance. Who was it then time will tell. Mark Arcobello has to tell enough, because he has, after almost two hours, still enough power in the pants to shake a refined goal. Sports? Is healthy and makes us hard.

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