That hurts! Since the EHC Biel V SC Bern on Saturday is on the way for the first time in the finals, dominated the SCB 38:19 shots and loses in the end still 0:1.

no Matter what the Seeland not do, the disc will just. Instead of the biggest success since the last championship title before the age of 36, to celebrate, to game the Bieler on Tuesday to the decision.

The Confidence you have lost because of that but for a long time. On The Contrary. “I am convinced that we will win the series,” says defender Sami circle. The
justification? “We have more energy, and you could see on Saturday.” With this opinion the circuit is not alone in this. Striker Mike Künzle, the versiebte on Saturday, a lot of opportunities, says: “Bern is more tired than we are, and we must take advantage of now.”

The bitter defeat at the EHCB so no trace seems to be left. The Confidence is large, to reach the Final.

“We have already won twice in Bern. I don’t know what speaks against it, to create this a third Time,” says circle. And Künzle says: “We had you. in this series on long distances in the handle I see no reason why this should be on Tuesday otherwise.”

And what the coach Antti Törmänen expected from the ultimate duel tomorrow? “What should I expect?”, back asks the Finn rhetorical. “The winner is, the loser will be eliminated. Great for the winner, hard for the loser.”

As law Antti Törmänen but …

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