played A whole season through? This is Daniel Manzato in a long time. Ten years, to be exact, in the time of the SCRJ. In the last decade, the goalkeeper had to be content mostly with the backup roll, was in Lugano, mainly the number 2.

But let it be the Romand never wear down. “I also tried in this Situation to find a way to be able to help the crew,” he explains. Even if it is not always easy, was, “I’ve always tried to stay positive.”

as Manzato changed last season, according to Ambri, he came up behind Benjamin Conz is only sporadically used (17 games). His highlight of the Spengler Cup win at his guest appearance for the Finnish Team, KalPa, where he came up with a catch rate of 97.5 percent.

And now the experience of the 35-Year-old his second spring! Manzato is once again blooming right up, has a 1.76 goals per game the best average of all goalkeepers. Conz’ injury (hip) has made Manzato to the number 1, Dominik Hrachovina (25, CH) came only half as often.

stability in the private life

The Ambri Goalie is bubbling with positive energy, says: “I am happy in my life, I important for the Sport. My family supports me where she can.” His family, the wife, Alice (35) and two sons, Kilian (4), and Alexi (2). Manzato describes that, for him, this stability in private life the security and peace of mind to be in the Sport. “I have self-confidence on the ice. And I enjoy every game. Every day I’m in the happiness aware of the fact that my passion, Hockey is my profession.”

The mental attitude makes a big part of good performance. He used to have sometimes, perhaps, under too much pressure, wanted to make a lot of, all too well, tossing and turning too much, and stand themselves in the way. “Now I have to go there relaxed and try to read the game as good as possible.” The Goalie emphasizes, however, that he was preparing always exactly the same in a game, whether he be a replacement or not. With increasing experience, he had found the perfect Balance between technique and instinct.

And the timing could not be better. At the end of the season, Manzato contract with Ambri runs out. For the goalkeeper is that he wants to continue his career progress and be part of a team. Everything is still open but the conversations have yet taken place, no.