“It was quite fast, grusig”: FDP national councillor Christa mark Walder (44, BE) remembers, as if it were yesterday. It’s been six years: The national Council’s law Commission discussed a proposal to cyber grooming. Cyber-grooming is when adults make online approach children, you need to finally, in real life sexually abused.

during the Commission meeting mark Walder was the proof of the pudding. You got involved as a “Christa14” in a chat room for Teen and didn’t have to wait long on the messages of men. “It took only a few minutes, until it started with the lewd comments and direct allusions. This has scared me really.”

cyber grooming takes a huge

The quick research convinced the Commission. Also, the national Council agreed to the proposal. However, the Council of States stopped the request. The current law is sufficient, according to the statement. To punish already the “sexually motivated Chat with a child, would go too far,” noted the stand ätliche rights Commission.

has risen in the meantime, the cyber grooming-the phenomenon of solid. 2014 in a survey 19 per cent of the young people, to be online by Strangers with unwanted sexual intentions been contacted. Last year, there were already 30 per cent (EYES reported).

Viola Amherd filed a procedural request with a

This development has alarmed the Federal government in Bern. Federal councillor Viola Amherd (57) filed last year – at that time the national Council is a parliamentary Initiative. The title: “cyber grooming with Minors and finally in the act”.

politicians from the left to the right have signed up to the initiative sometimes. For example, the SP-national councillors Nadine mass Hardt (34, BE) and Flavia water (40 BE) or the two SVP-women Natalie Rickli (42, ZH) and Andrea Geissbühler (43, BE).

Online pickup Line as the official tort

Now it wants to take the national Council’s law Commission, a new start-up: you agreed to the proposal, with 17 votes to six with one abstention. To the delight of CVP-Nationalrat Philipp Matthias Bregy (41, VS), has taken the initiative by Amherd. “Sexual harassment in Scripture is not in itself punishable, this law we must close the gap for the protection of children and young people urgently,” said Bregy.

A concrete wording proposal is already available. Would be punished accordingly in the future, who harassed someone “in a rough way with words, writings or by means of information or communication technologies”, sexually.

An important point to be added for Bregy still: “Sexual harassment is now offence, an Application, in the case of under 16-year-old Victims, it needs to be to official offense.” With a separate offence of clarity is created, so Bregy. “This also facilitates the work of the investigators.”

SVP law Professor in the boat

The pressure is great that it is now going forward and the support is wide. So, too, SVP-national Council and a Professor of law at Hans-Ueli Vogt (49) is in favour of the proposal. “Although I am opposed to any Form of Anbandelns with possible sexual ulterior motives is punishable, as soon as someone – in hindsight! – says he or she didn’t want any,” he says.

The cyber-grooming, however, it always go to the minors. “So, already, the get together is illegal,” says Vogt. With the Under-sentence-position, the criminal liability was lowered threshold a bit. “That seems right to me.”

the Council of States is Bucking this time?

next is the legal Commission of the Council of States on the train. This agrees with the proposal, may draw up the national Council a bill. So far, Anti-cyber-grooming have failed in each case to the Council of States hurdle.

But Bregy is confident that this time also the Council of States behind the demand. Not without reason: After the elections, CVP-Ständerat Beat Rieder (56) is Chairman of the Commission, as Amherd and Bregy a, Valais.