the documentation for the national Council elections flutter When soon in the mail boxes, threatening the citizens of the thickness of the Post is that more and more people run on more choice lists. The record-holder up to now, the CVP Aargau, with nine different lists in the election campaign, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

“Cumbersome and harassment,”

Fired, the paper was a battle from the Parliament: in the past, had to be collected for each list, as in the case of a popular initiative – first signatures. Except for a large party entered only with a list. In the last Reform of the Federal law on political rights, Marianne Streiff (61) demanded by the EPP, however, to underline the passage.

“to collect The Signature for the sub-lists is cumbersome, and with disproportionate effort,” she says. “In the Canton of Berne it is needed, for example, per list 400 signatures.” The manoeuvre succeeded, because Streiff brought the motion in Parliament — although even in the preparatory Committee, sass.

For the voters lists can be the many choice for the challenge. This was confirmed in March with the member of the Parliament elections in Lucerne. “The relevant ballot box offices have reported to us that it comes to elections, more invalid votes, because several lists are submitted in a voting envelope,” says Erwin Rast, a spokesman for the Lucerne justice and security Department.

election chances

The parties to benefit from the many lists: thank-you list links to your main list, you get additional votes, and may get valuable percentage points. For Streiff, but this was not the reason for your request. “The additional lists will help to motivate different voters, and the diversity of a party’s map.”

That law is utilized to change now, she had not expected. “The nine lists of the CVP Aargau are already a bit much,” she says. Your party is not using too many sub-lists: The EPP occurs in the Canton of Bern, with only two lists.

Uncertain success

That citizens would not go because of the many paper in the ballot box, don’t believe Streiff. “You’ll find your way.” A prediction on the turnout does not wish to make political scientist Mark Balsiger (52) on the other hand. “Of course this will excite it, if the choice of envelope is increased due to many lists, and beige party brochures, half a Kilo of hard. The fact is that most voters have a preference and then work your way through the Material.”

Although the hurdles have been lowered, whether the Problem is not new. “It lists out there for decades, a steady Increase in the number,” says Balsiger. But whether this be to the benefit of parties really, was uncertain. “I have no scientific study is known which could provide evidence for that.”