Lotte Baumann (45) stands in the garden of their farmhouse in Beinwil am see AG. “I bi d Lotti”, sort of. Lotti – this is the Name that stands for the farmer’s wife and mother, a nurse and President of the Aargau country women. And, recently, also on the farmer’s list of the Aargauer CVP. In the first place.

This does not fit all. Particularly in the context of the country’s women, there had been criticism, says Baumann. The criticism would not have to listen to men. “People asked me, whether I trust myself really. Or if I was dissatisfied.” There had also been criticism, because you are running for President. “Because I was lost already, and say: So please, Alois Huber, the President of the farmers Association, even has a top spot on the main list of SVP, and because nobody says anything!”

Baumann’s eyes sparkle. It makes you angry when women are treated unfairly. That’s why you’ve noticed more recently: “Yes, I’m a feminist!” In order for you to hit now even like something. She smiles slyly, and tells of their 1.-August-speech in “a SVP high castle” with the title “feminist, and full-blooded housewife”.

Who says A, must also B say a

Baumann, the peaceful country that loves life, fights back against the partially outdated role models in the rural environment. As the woman’s strike came, it was for you – unlike to some colleague – clear: “Since we make rural women. The time in which women stand in the Background, is finally over!” So they sat down for the strike and contributed to the fact that the Bourgeois were clamouring in the street. But who says A, must also say B, you will find it. That’s why she’s running now. Even though they had nothing to do with politics in the hat. “But as a mother, you know that it also creates things of which you had never thought of that.”

she hopes that many women choose to go. And women choose. Because she is convinced that Switzerland would be a different one with a more feminine Parliament. “I have the feeling that women think often of a social, that is our strength. We are thinking of all of you. And less to financial gain.”

Clearly, a woman could not change everything overnight. “But someone must now begin,” says Lotti Baumann. And does it themselves.