National championship football > > please stop no determine the winner

the President of football club “Ural” Grigory Ivanov initiated the end of the current season of the championship of the country among the teams of the Premier League (RPL) without determining the winner.

Drawing RPL is suspended at least until April 10 because of a pandemic coronavirus. It was expected that the clubs in early April to discuss the option of completion of the Championships plays eight rounds and with the approval of the standings, which is at the moment.

“I Think at the beginning of April there will be a remote meeting of the clubs of RPL. As for the agenda, it was not. Of course, to discuss what to do next. Already players to keep I can’t. I for the completion of the championship without the champion and the beginning of a new season. You will see in the NHL have done the same” – quoted Ivanov portal Sport24.

Indeed, because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in sync with the football championship in the country until April 10 stopped the pranks basketball VTB United League and the Continental hockey League (KHL). The CHL this week has announced the early completion of the season, without waiting for the due date. A similar decision, according to preliminary data, taken in a basketball League.

the President of “Ural” complained that he was “nothing to do with players”, players have to rent apartments or hotel rooms, and almost all the foreigners rush home to their families.

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— FK Ural (@FCURAL) March 23, 2020

“Option with the wage cuts? Don’t know about other clubs, but we do not have such high salaries. Understand, at us the salary in rubles, that is, foreigners from the Eurozone has lost about 20% because of the exchange rate. So I don’t know how it will look if we cut wages,” he added.