Mr and Mrs Swiss are special beings. While Economists see the cash all over the world on the retreat, we celebrate our Bank notes, such as works of art. And whether cinema or Restaurant still Bares is the true means of payment, with the local population to pay their bill.

The popularity of the Swiss franc in note form, it is reflected also in the increase of the circulation. Notes to the value of 45 billion Swiss francs in circulation were ten years ago, there are to date approximately 79 billion. “Since 2008, cash as a store of value has gained importance,” says the Bank in an analysis. The increased demand for Bank notes, according to SNB, among other things, on the sustained low interest rate level. “In addition, the financial market and the state contributed to the debt crisis increased the attractiveness of holding Cash.”

An Era comes to an end

the importance of the Bills for the population, we can today observe when in Bern, the last banknote of the new series, the 100-franc Note, will be presented. With a number of pieces of exactly 133’905’125 and a share of about 28 percent of the 100-franc Note of by far the most popular Frank bill.

In the circulation of the new note, but only on 12. September. In order for everything to work smoothly, had to make the banks small adjustments. “The new one hundred note is slightly smaller than its predecessor, which due to the cassettes, an adjustment of the previous Note,” says Raiffeisen spokeswoman Angela Rupp to VIEW. ATMs with Deposit function will also receive a Software Update to recognize the new Hunderternötli correctly.


With the last Note of the new series goes well for Manuela Pfrunder (40) the end of an Era. Delicate 26-year-old graphic designer was, as she moved with the design of the new banknote series one of the most prestigious jobs in the Switzerland country. Eleven years Pfrunder and your Team worked under the strictest security measures, before, in the spring of 2016, with the 50-franc note, the first Note was presented. Today, if the new one hundred note is presented, is done your work fully.

In an interview with a VIEW Pfrunder emphasized what a huge privilege it was to make the new note series. “I’m proud of the look and feel of Switzerland to influence them.” With the last Note, the largest project now, after 13 years in their still young career to end.

What remains are the Notes: “I must smile when I see that my notes will be paid,” says Pfrunder. Then you will realize how omnipresent their work is. “I was very lucky to get a job of such magnitude.”