What to do if a such as the Nati on Tuesday, a sure felt victory slipping away? “Be Clever,” says Nati-Goalie Yann Sommer, “and maybe a cramp pretend to be.”

the flagship-professional, of all things, with son-in-law-Image recommends acting deposits, to stall for time.

mothers and fathers are concerned: Is the model your children an unfair sports man? He is not!

Because time is part of the football. In the Amateur-cabins, it means: “If it is scarce, stay longer!” – “Binds shock the shoes in front of the Free!” – “The one who is farthest away, to the corner!”

Legitimate? Yes. Questionable? Maybe. Unfair? No.

stalling for time is not just a football phenomenon. Not every tennis player who takes a Medical Time-Out, is injured. Not every goal in hockey is shifted by a random. Not every transducer, the wash fountain sawdust out of the eyes, in the sawdust.

You are doing it, but nobody talks about it. And summer wouldn’t have done it better.
in the same cell as the summer grease came by the way Bayern coach Nico Kovac after the 0:0 against Liverpool. Martinez had good performance, he said, “he may not have a cramp, that’s all played a bit”. After the media vilification of Kovac says: “Maybe my statement was unnecessary, maybe stupid, maybe naive.

I don’t know. But I am one who is honest.”

Fits quite well – even in the case of the summer!