Denis Zakaria: I’ve always said, we still have many great midfield players, with the Swiss Pass. Xhaka, Edimilson, Sow, Freuler, and, and, and. The competition remains even after the departure of Behrami and Dzemaili in size. All have to give full throttle, otherwise you are sitting on the bench.

I’m never happy when I play. But if it should be so, it is so. The preparation of the Trainer makes. I would give everything for the team.

you have to ask my Trainer. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have joy every day at the football and always Gas give.

The joy in life and in football, certainly not. But it was not an easy Situation, as I came to the train. Because I had the feeling that I was ready. Although I started because of the world Cup later in the preparation.

it was something like this: I was a bit disappointed, or pissed, I went home and talked on the phone with my friends or my family. Then it went to me again better. I have the best job in the world.

Yes. And in retrospect, I’m glad. In this time I have learned a lot, it has brought me more.

Since then, I know that there can be difficult situations. And that I can deal with them. I’ve learned that you need patience, and that you should always keep your head up.

… As I said, it goes fast. But I was ready and I brought from my performance when I played.

My Advisor is doing his Job, and I’ll do mine. I focus on the football, and Gladbach.

The Premier League is the best League in the world. But I also think Germany is very attractive. Always full stadiums, great level. My favorite club is Barcelona. That was always my dream and it will stay that way.

Denis Zakaria (22) grows up in the midst of Geneva, the son of a Sudanese woman and one of the Congo spends each free Minute on a football pitch in a Park. His tribe club Servette, he closes early, the breakthrough of the 1,91 m tall defensive midfielder, but until he switches with 18 to YB. In Bern, he convinced in such a way that it Gladbach for 13 million Swiss francs release brings in the Bundesliga (64 inserts since 2017).

This is my home, live there, my friends, my family. My friends often come to Gladbach to visit. But my mother and brother have less time, they both work a lot.

it happens. But all in All, I have my peace and quiet. I can actually do what I want. Sitting in a Café or on a lake for a walk like everyone else.

of course I am pleased about the good results. Servette is my club, I’ve played as a five-year-old, was later Ballbub. At the time I found Servette striker Massimo Lombardo is great. My big Idol was always of Cameroon star striker Samuel Eto’o. I was also the attacker.

(Laughs.) Yes, I’m a striker. I know that I must be torgefährlicher. I’m working on it. I’m still young and still needs to learn.

no, the most I put on the page. We don’t have a lot of time in football.

I love beautiful cars, I must admit. But I’m not the type who needs five cars.

(Laughs.) No! I once bought an expensive car. In hindsight, this investment was a mistake, it brings no Benefit. I sold it again.