Since 2016 Schalke striker and Swiss national team Star Breel Emobolo (22) is also the owner of the house. At the time he bought the series multi-family house in the field road 12 in Basel and takes it to the tenant fright.

So his real estate company announced in October 2018, all of the 12 tenants in the Block – the portion of long-term residents had only six months to find a new home. Reason for termination: Emobolos Block will be redeveloped from the ground up.

most of The tenants have since moved out – three parties to defend themselves in accordance with the “Switzerland on the weekend,” but together with the Basel tenants Association bitterly against the termination.

A case to the conciliation body

For you to do it in the morning Wednesday to all: Then tion of arbitration for tenancy disputes in Basel, if you must leave your homes immediately or whether you can still live longer.

The Basel tenants Association believes that the cancellations for abuse. “This is the typical Standard program, if you want to quickly have the people out there”, speaker will Beat Leuthard quoted. He hoped for the conciliation body, that the dismissals be declared void and repealed. Or the notice period is extended to four years.

A site visit shows that Indeed, the Embolo-Block to the needy field of road rehabilitation. Tight corridors, dark stairwell smells are in the age of cabbage soup and a strong in the years to come the Elevator, the use of a test of courage equal to: In the whole of the buildings left by the ravages of time traces.

Embolos company prohibition of stair lift for wheelchair

A tenant in a wheelchair must be worn to be able to only in the Block, via a staircase. For this you will need the help of their children. Alone they would be screwed.

Embolos real estate company is said to have rejected two years ago a stairs lift in front of the entrance, the wanted to install the woman with the help of the SUVA. “Because it would have damaged the Exterior of the house,” says the woman to VIEW. Popular not have made Embolo her with this decision.

a Turkish family close to despair. For the past 21 years, she lives at this address – a new apartment has not found it yet. “We don’t know where,” says a desperate the daughter of the family to VIEW.

Embolo himself did not want to comment on the allegations of the Basel tenants Association and the parties VIEWS.

A young footballer from humble beginnings is an overnight multi-millionaire. What experienced Breel Embolo, also see other young men in short pants. Talent in football makes for a rocket stick to climb the social ladder.

it is also Clear that people are just out of their Teens, are unable to cope with this Situation. And hardly more for the management of your finances of interest, if the fat sports car in the Garage.

Also Embolo will not know in detail the investment strategy, have him blurt his enterprising consultant. Among these advisers, the brother of Xherdan Shaqiri.

Now Nati striker Embolo is the owner of a property in Basel. A multi-family house with up to now, cheap apartments. The actually somewhat dilapidated house completely and on a high level renovated, and the tenants is terminated, the prices are doubled.

for investment strategists and turbo normal operation of capitalists. Locusts, they are called investors.

Embolo has football in his head. And yet, it is also allowed to young national players, to think and to ask some questions.

such an investment strategy for a national player in the focus of the Public good and sent? Must drive a man with a monthly income of 300’000 Swiss francs for his growth of capital, in fact, on the hump of the social weaker people? He is interested in the fate of these families?

And last but not least: Were there until a short time ago not even his, and the parents of his consultants, who have benefited from such affordable housing?

Sudden wealth is also a commitment.

Embolo is put my foot into the fat. The procedure with the tenant Association is bringing harm to the audience favorite a Reputation.

The man could have been foreseen. And if the young football millionaires do not want to deal with such issues, then it should do at least their advisors.

Good advice is not always optimize.